I got an email/SMS invitation from a company to take a LitmusBlox chatbot application. What is LitmusBlox?

LitmusBlox is a digital candidate engagement platform that is used by global companies to connect with potential candidates, assess their interest in the job opportunity, and get a better understanding of their work profile.

How is this different?

We surveyed thousands of candidates and found a common theme – Searching for jobs is a frustrating experience. LitmusBlox aims to change that!

As a candidate,

  • Have you had some frustrating moments taking calls from recruiters for job opportunities that you eventually had no interest in?

  • Or, had an occasion when you wanted to take the recruiters to call but could not because you were busy in a meeting? Then you did not hear from the recruiter again and missed a great opportunity.

  • Or, have you had moments where you wished hiring managers could give you more time to explain your work experience better so that they understand how you could be a great candidate for their role?

With LitmusBlox,

  • You can quickly choose which jobs to apply for and which to ignore

  • You can complete your application at a time most convenient to you

  • You can represent your work experience and profile in a much deeper and detailed manner

I got an invitation email/SMS from LitmusBlox for the chatbot application. What do I do next?

The first sign of a recruiter being interested would be when you receive an invitation link via email/SMS. Clicking on the link/button will open a chatbot. The chatbot will first show you the company information and the job description.

I read the company information and job description. What next?

The chatbot will ask you to confirm your interest in the job. If you confirm, you will be shown a set of simple instructions to follow. Next, the chatbot will present a few questions about your experience. Most questions will be multiple choice with a few options. You have to choose from the relevant options.

How many questions will I be asked?

It would depend on the number of questions that the recruiter has configured. Typically, we have seen recruiters configure between 20-40 questions. In very rare cases, it would extend beyond that. You will be able to see the question counter on the top of the screen.

How much time would it take to answer all the questions?

We have seen that most candidates are able to complete the questionnaire in 5-10 minutes.

What kind of questions will I be asked?

The questions will be neatly organised into sections. Again, this depends on the recruiters, but we have largely seen that the questions are of 2 types:
a) Questions related to the information that HR requires, eg. Your current company, Title, Location, Notice Period, Salary, etc.
b) Questions that relate to your work experience and environment eg. the kind of skills, technologies, and tools that you have experience on, the complexity of features of the tools, your level of expertise on certain technologies, etc.
Again, please note that the questions mostly will be multiple choice and if you are answering them on a smartphone, it is a simple matter of tapping away at the answer choices. It’s that easy!

Can I open the chatbot link now but answer the questions later?

Yes, you can open the link and read the introductory information. You can leave the chatbot and return anytime within the next 48 hours. You will be brought back to the question where you left off last. However, it is better to complete the chatbot in one go. After all it really does not take that long.

How will I know that my application is complete and successful?

At the end of the chatbot you will see a screen of successful completion. Besides this, you will also get an email/SMS notification of successful completion.
In addition, the recruiter will also get a notification that you have successfully completed the application. They can then take further action.

What happens if I lose my internet connection or accidentally close the browser?

There is nothing to worry about! Your answers are automatically saved. You can simply click on the chatbot link that you received in the email or SMS. You will be able to continue from where you last left off.

Is LitmusBlox like a coding platform where I have to write code?

No. LitmusBlox is not a coding platform. It is a new and easier way to connect you to the company so that it makes your application process faster and easier.

Is LitmusBlox like a test, where there is a pass/fail situation?

No. LitmusBlox is not a test or assessment! There are no right or wrong answers. Just tap the appropriate options and you are done.
It is a simple candidate profile builder that allows a candidate to express their interest in a job opportunity. It also eliminates the need for a candidate to fill out lengthy application forms and answer many monotonous and repetitive questions on the phone.

By mistake, I gave a wrong answer. Can I correct that?

Unfortunately, no. Please read the questions and options carefully. Once you choose from the answer options, the chatbot will ask you to confirm them. Once confirmed, you cannot change or correct an answer.

I would like to take the chatbot questionnaire again. Can I use the same link?

No. The link is unique and once used, cannot be activated again.

There is an option to upload a resume. I don’t have my resume handy on my phone. What do I do?

While uploading the resume is optional, we recommend that you do it so that the recruiter gets the latest version of your resume. If you don’t have one handy on the smartphone, you can always come back again and upload it. The upload resume window remains open for 48 hours after completing the chatbot.

What do I do after completing the application?

You do not have to do anything. The ball is in the recruiter’s court. The recruiter or hiring manager at the company may review your application and take further action. If your application is shortlisted, they may reach out to you for seeking more information or scheduling an interview. In case your application has not been shortlisted, you may get an email informing you so.

I have completed the chatbot but have not heard from the company, what do I do?

We have observed that when your profile catches the recruiter’s interest, they usually reach out very quickly. However, if you haven’t heard from them for a few days, sit tight. The recruiter or the hiring manager may still be reviewing your profile. Or they may have fast-tracked other candidates who are a better fit for the job.
In any case, if you have not heard from the company for more than 10-15 days after you have sent your application, you may assume there is no interest in your candidature. Not every recruiter will send a negative response
Your application will still sit with the company and they could connect again later for another opportunity.

I have already completed a chatbot application and now I have received another one. What do I do?

Each chatbot application is unique for a job opportunity. The second chatbot may be from the same company, but for another job/role. If you are interested, go right ahead and complete the new chatbot. After all, it takes just 5 minutes or so.

I am curious, how did the company get my contact information?

There are several ways in which an employer company may have access to your contact information i.e. email and mobile number:
a) You may have applied to the company on their career website now or in the past
b) You might have responded to the company’s job advertisement on a job board or job aggregator website now or in the past
c) The company has accessed your contact email/mobile number from a job board like Naukri, Shine, Monster, LinkedIn, Dice, CareerBuilder, etc. where your resume or profile may be registered
d) The company may have your contact details in their Applicant Tracking System
e) The company has used contact builder tools such as Lusha, Hunter, etc. to get your contact info
f) Please note that LitmusBlox does not provide any company with your contact info

Does LitmusBlox share my information with other companies?

No! Non! Nyet!
We take data privacy very seriously. LitmusBlox does not share any of your information with any company. Any of the answers that you have chosen to give for a specific job application through the chatbot, can be seen and accessed by that company only.
We enroll only reputed companies, and each company is thoroughly verified by LitmusBlox before being granted access to the platform. As a sensible precaution, as with any other interaction online, do not share sensitive information like your bank account details, password, etc. on the chatbot.
Please help us be vigilant. If you notice or suspect any misuse of the chatbot, please report it to us at hello@litmusblox.io

Can I apply to the LitmusBlox chatbot directly?

Unfortunately, no.
Currently, LitmusBlox is an invite-only platform. i.e. you cannot fill in the chatbot just like that. You have to be invited by an employer company to fill the chatbot application against a specific job opportunity.
In the future, we may open out the LitmusBlox chatbot for direct applications, in which case we may reach out to you to check your interest.

May I consult a colleague or can anyone google the answers?

Honestly, the questions do not have right or wrong answers, so there is no reason to consult anyone or google it.

What if I am not interested in either the company or the job?

If the company or the job does not interest you, you may decline by clicking the “I am not interested” button. The recruiter will get a notification that you are not interested in that opportunity.

And lastly, can someone cheat on this chatbot?

LitmusBlox is only one step in the hiring process. If case someone over-inflates their experience and expertise, they can be sure that it will be easily discovered in the interview. It won’t get them hired, and it’s likely to harm their reputation. So, we would recommend that they be natural and not over-inflate their expertise and claim things they have not done.

Do I need to install any software?

No, you do not need to install any software. The LitmusBlox chatbot will open in any commonly used browser.

What browsers are supported?

The LitmusBlox chatbot works well on recent versions of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Apple Safari browsers.

What can I do if the chatbot freezes or the link does not work?

Try to do some basic troubleshooting.

  • Close the browser and click the link to restart the chatbot

  • Check your internet connection

  • Clear the cache

  • Upgrade to the latest version of the browser

  • Try after some time

If nothing else works write to us at hello@litmusblox.io and we will try to help you.